Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs: Scholarships for International Students

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs offer an excellent opportunity for international education, cultural immersion, language acquisition, and global citizenship. These programs are designed and delivered by an international partnership of higher education institutions from different countries worldwide. The program is funded by Erasmus+, which offers scholarships to the best-ranked student applicants worldwide in annual application rounds.

Applicant Profile: In addition to the academic programs, Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs offer career development opportunities for students. The programs also provide opportunities for administration, research, and faculty exchange, allowing students to work with experts in their field from different countries.

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs attract a diverse student body from around the world. Students have the opportunity to study on different campuses and departments of higher education institutions in different countries. They can also benefit from the facilities and resources available at each campus.

Activities and Outcomes: To apply for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs, students must meet specific entry requirements, which include obtaining a first higher education degree or demonstrating a recognized equivalent level of learning, according to national legislation and practices in the degree-awarding countries. Applicants may also apply if they are in the final year of their first degree studies and will graduate before the master’s program starts.

Benefits: EU scholarships cover the cost of a student’s participation in the program, travel, and a living allowance. The study program provides 60, 90, or 120 ECTS credits, lasting from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 24 months, with the majority being 24-month programs. The successful completion of the study program will lead to the award of either a joint degree or multiple degrees issued by two higher education institutions of the consortium.

Applications and More Information: Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs offer students an opportunity for academic excellence, cultural immersion, language acquisition, and career development. Applications should be submitted between October and January for courses starting the following academic year. Students can consult the online Catalogue of Erasmus Mundus masters programs and visit each program’s website for more information.


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